Glenmore Cricket Club Glenmore Royals squad

Glenmore Royals

Captain : Paramjeet Deol

Born and brought up in India, spent most of my adolescent years in Mumbai, didnt have a choice of liking any other sport than cricket!

Play it for the fun of it. have played a few seasons of weeknight league here in Calgary.

Vice Captain : Raman Dhillon

Would love to play cricket again after 20 years of break.
Arvind Azariah
I just want to chase the ball around on a green field preferably on a sunny day :)
Bassam Dadi

Right Hand batsman.

Right Arm Finger Spin Bowler.

Aashish Gaurav

31, Right handed Batsman, Right arm Fast


Emaad Hasan
17 year old all rounder, have been playing with the club for approximately 4 years before and wish to come back after a 1 year break from cricket
Mohammad Khan
Looking to play some hardball cricket. I grew up playing a lot of cricket in Abu Dhabi, but haven't played much over the last 6/7 years.
Quinton North

Older lower order bat and slow 4th change bowler used only when buying a wicket is required.

Played most of my cricket in the bush in rural Victoria, Australia for the mighty Waaia CC.

Winning the Premiership with the Tav's in 2018 was a career highlight, hoping to squeeze out a few more seasons of enjoyable cricket with Glenmore CC

Srinivasan Rao

 A seasoned cricketer... Played league cricket from the age of 12 …have represented provincial sides (Tamil Nadu, india) in age-group cricket (under-15 / 19) and university level as a  top-order batsman & a spin bowler

Shyam Srinivasan
Always a mystery
Omaima Waqar

Batting Style: Right Hand
Bowling Style: Med pace 

Cricket is my passion and I am always looking for opportunities to participate in the sport! 

Gareth Wentzel
My family and I moved to Calgary from South Africa in July 2018. I am an Assistant Professor in Broadcast Media Studies at Mount Royal University. I have played cricket socially for most of my adult life and I am extremely excited that I have found somewhere to play here in Calgary.
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