Glenmore Cricket Club 2018 Juniors squad

Mir Ali
I am father of 11 year old boy who would like to play cricket in your club
Zaheen Chowdhury
I want to register my son for the Rising Star program.
Evan Collier
Dad - Christopher Collier
Sam Hardman
we would like to register my son sam hardman for the rising star program 2018.
Sahdev Muru Karavadra
My Son Sahdev is 8 years and would like to join junior cricket so please contact us as soon as you have winter spring program open for registration.
Ekaksh Khurana
Leg Break bowler
Vivek Skaria
My son age 7 is interested in learning cricket.  I would like to know if you have any lessons in summer 2018 planned
Aneesh Suri
Deepak Suri
Sarim Syed
Two of my boys 13 year olds are looking to join the cricket scene in Calgary. I want them to play regular games as well join the academy when the season starts.