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Glenmore Cricket Club - Martyn Challoner - Player Profile

Player Profile - Martyn Challoner

Full Name: Martyn Craig Challoner

Nickname(s): Chally - MC - Hammer

Age: Mental or physical? (44)

Where were you born, raised and where have you lived? England - Carlisle, lived in Kirkby Thore until I was 26, moved to Penrith and then to Calgary

How would you describe yourself as a cricketer? Over thinker

Cricket clubs you’ve played for? Temple Sowerby, Appleby, Penrith and Glenmore

Best score? 100+ (sorry not sure)

Best bowling figures? 6 for 10        

Preferred fielding position(s)? Younger days point/cover…Twilight  First slip

Biggest influence in cricket? Keith Dewis & Playing at Temple Sowerby

Best moment for Glenmore CC? Too many to mention

Hopes and ambitions for the 2019 season? To win the Ashes urn again

What’s worse, getting a duck or dropping a catch? Dropping a catch

Mankadding. Yes or No? Yes if batter is warned

Your game finishes earlier than expected. What do you do? Silly question…Bar, several drinks, head to nightclub, food and stagger home.

You’re standing at slip. An opposing batsman walks to the wicket wearing an Edmonton Oilers cap and black trainers. They then play & miss at their first three deliveries before inside edging the fourth for 4. Do you sledge? If so, at what point in the story? Yes silly…Come on fellas if he were a dog we would have put him down by now.

All time favourite cricketer(s)? Ian Botham, Robin Smith, Paul Collingwood, Marcus Trescothick, Graeme Swann, Andrew Flintoff, James Anderson, Kumar Sangakkara, Kane Williamson, Merv Hughes, Steve Waugh, Shane Warne

All time favourite sportsmen(s)? Dave Thorpe (Motocross) Bryan Robson/Lee Sharpe (Football) Jimmy White (snooker) John Lowe/Jockey Wilson (darts) Steffi Graff (Tennis)

Favourite Food? British fast food

Favourite Drink? Caffrey’s Beer…Lemonade and lime

Favourite Music? Anything I can move my silky hips too

Favourite Film? Point Break

Anything else to add? My favourite bat was a Gunn & Moore Diamond