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2021 Glenmore CC 3km Challenge

01 Apr 2021

It's amazing to think that almost 12 months ago we organised our first charity 3km run to raise money for charities battling coronavirus. A year on and we are still facing the same challenges. And so, it's time to get ready for our second annual Glenmore CC 3km Charity Challenge! Get your running shoes on and let's break last year's total of $3000. Everyone is capable of running (or walking) 3km and donating $10 (minimum) so there are no excuses!

In case you missed what we achieved last year, check out this short highlights reel;

What do I need to do?
To get involved you basically need to do three things.
Donate $10 (minimum) to any good cause This can be related to Covid-19 or not. Simply donate online and send a screenshot of the donation page, your date of birth (more below on why we need that) and phone number to, or to Alex Storey (403-889-7944)
- Make sure that you have a way of actually measuring 3km and your time! Apple watches, Fit Bits, phone apps all do the trick. Or, you are welcome to do the run on a treadmill if you'd prefer.
-Complete your run and submit your time.

How does the competition work?
- The closing date for entries is 11pm on Saturday 17th April. See above for what you need to do to enter.
- Once all entrants are in, we will split everyone into teams of four.
- The teams will be announced on Sunday 18th April.
- You need to run 3km (and send your time in) by 11pm on Sunday 25th April.
- The times of each of the four team members will be added together. The team with the quickest overall time wins. YOU DO NOT ACTUALLY PHYSICALLY RUN AS A TEAM. You run individually and certainly 2m away from anyone else!
- There is, however, an important caveat. There will be a time handicap added based on how old you are. So, say that the oldest person in the race is 70 then her/his time will be the basetime. Any 69 year olds will get 6 seconds added onto whatever time that they do. 68 year olds will get 12 seconds added on. A 60 year old will have 1 minute added on whilst a 40 year old would see 3 minutes plonked on top. For a 30 year old it would be 4 minutes and so on.
- The biggest handicap will subsequently be 4 minutes, and that will apply to all participants who are 19-30.
- Those who are 18 or younger will see the handicap work backwards (in multiples of 12 seconds rather than 6). So, 18 year olds will be handicapped by 3m48, 15 year olds by 3m12, 11 year olds by 2m24 and so on.

Hopefully that all makes sense. Thankfully you can leave all the handicapping issues to Alex to sort out. Just send him your time when you're done!

The results will be announced on Monday 26th April.

And what do the winners receive? Crucially, bragging rights. The value of those is clearly impossible to quantify.

The real aim, to stress again, is both to raise a little money for a good cause but also to keep the GCC crew moving just a little further in the direction of fitness. The competition is open to anyone, no matter how vaguely related to Glenmore CC you are. So, family, friends, co-workers and just about anyone else are more than welcome to get involved.

Looking forward to receiving your entries.