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Introducing our Sponsors - Smart Pharma & Smart Clinic

18 Sep 2020

It is with great pride that we introduce two of our club sponsors, Smart Pharma and Smart Clinic

We are delighted to have them on board as club sponsors and we look forward to a long, successful relationship with them. 

Smart Pharma - Prescribing Pharmacy in Calgary.

 They are an ambitious team of experienced professionals who are committed to deliver top quality services.

Their hand-picked team members are extensively experienced in delivering quality over the years.

Pharmacy Services include: Opioid Dependency | New Prescriptions & Refills | Respiratory Clinic (Asthma/COPD) | Smoking Reduction/Quitting | Patient Education & Medication Reviews | Compression Stockings | Narcan (Naloxone) Kits | Party Packs & Needles Drop-Off | Blood Pressure Checking | Blood Sugar Checking | Strep Throat Testing | INR Testing | Lab Requisition

SMART Clinic (Supervised Medical Addiction Recovery & Therapy Centre) is an incorporated behavioral health care management company committed to the treatment of addiction, substance misuse, and co-occurring mental health problems. They are committed to improving the lives of individuals living with the devastating effects of drug addiction and lessening the adverse impact on families and society, through the provision of a range of harm reduction and supportive treatment modalities.

The mission of the SMART Clinic is to provide training or sessions to individuals and their families which delivers the best information, assets, and tools to beat addiction and find long-lasting recuperation.