Glenmore Cricket Club News story

Interview with 1st XI star batsman, Jaideep Singh

03 May 2018

Q. Congratulations on your innings and the team's victory on Saturday. A tremendous way to start the season. Could you tell me how you and the boys were feeling going into your first match in the Elite division? 

Jaideep: We were nervous but the feeling was generally very positive. The pre-season nets prepared us well. It was like starting everything all over again.

 What was the feeling like among the team during the game, and how is the team feeling about the season ahead following such a comprehensive victory?

We took some time to get used to the pace of the mat as a batting unit but once we got into the game, our nerves were settled.

As a fielding unit we struggled a bit with a few dropped catches but it was a comfortable victory after a long day. 

 From a personal point of view, you had a great season in 2017 but you never reached three figures...what were you hopes for this Summer?

Actually I never knew I was on 99 until the drink break. I was surprised but nervous at the same time as I got out on 99 last season. I was relieved to get to my hundred. I struggled a bit initially but once I got used to the pace I was able to play well. 

 How did it feel to make a century in this game?

Very, very happy. It was due bigtime! 

 Anjan mentioned you were given a few chances at the start of the innings and that you may have been a little nervous at the start. How would you describe your innings?

 I played and missed a few. I got dropped once in the deep…it was hit very hard, half a chance maybe. I was middling them, haha.

 What changes have you made to your game in recent years? It seems as though you have improved massively as a batsman...any technical or mental changes you've deliberately made?

The only change I can think of is the position I bat at. I can take a bit of time and play my natural game once I am in. It gives me time to pace my innings. Mentally I have always had a positive frame of mind. 

 Any advice for me (or other struggling batsmen) to help our games out?

I would say attack the ball and clear the infield as an opening batsman. Rotate the strike as much as possible. It makes it a lot easier to bat for longer periods.

 How do you like the new uniforms?

It was a fantastic feeling to be playing in a uniform that was not too baggy. It definitely played part in the win. 

 Can you say a little bit about Amar, who you obviously batted with for a long time on Saturday? He's made centuries in his last two knocks...what's he like to bat with? What are his strengths? What do you chat about between overs with him?

It was a good partnership after a shaky start. We were rotating the strike as much as we could. He was lovely to watch from the other end. Two hundreds back to back is a great effort. In between chat was mostly about setting small targets and not to get out. Partnership was much needed. We definitely tired the opposition in the field.

 Last one...Kings XI this do you see the game going?

I am very positive and looking forward to playing another big innings . It’s a big game for all of us. We want to win this game and make it 2 from 2.