Glenmore Cricket Club Glenmore U15 Blue squad

Glenmore U15 Blue

Coach : Matt Honywood

Born 1970, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Major teams 
Freemans Reach Cricket Club, Beacon Cricket Club, Glenmore Cricket Club
Playing role
Batting style Right-Hand Bat
Bowling style
Right Arm Medium

Coach : Ryan Jenkinson

Country of Origin: Australia

Right Hand Batsman.
Left Arm Medium pace
Glenmore member since 2012

Coach : Alex Storey

Origin - Essex, England
Bat - Right Hand Batsman
Bowl - Right Arm Allsorts Bowler

Brought up playing for Hutton CC ( in Essex. Later had 6 very happy seasons at Twickenham CC (

Manager : Jody Honywood

Sobaan Ajwad
My name is Sobaan and I am from Pakistan. As clear, I am very passionate about cricket and want to improve my skills. I have played very little cricket, but I love playing it.
Jordan Honywood

Born 2001, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Current age
15 years
Major teams
Glenmore Cricket Club, Peninsula Cricket Club, Riverstone Cricket Club, Calgary Inter City team, Team Alberta
Playing role
Batting style Left-Hand Bat
Bowling style
Right Arm Medium
1.76 m
Highest Score 38*

Best Bowling

Shreshth Kumar

Right handed batsman

Medium Fast

Aditya Odedara

Born 2003,Gujarat, India

Age 14

Teams Glenmore cricket club

Playing role batsman 

Batting style right hand bat

bowling style right arm leg spinner 

Hieght 4.2 inch

Height 4'10"

Highest score 10*

Best bowling 1/3

Rikin Panchal
My name is Rikin and I am a skilled all-rounder.
Ahaad Rana
I am interested in Cricket and had a family background in cricket
Angad Singh
Right handed batsman and wicket keeper. 
Sareen Singh
Sareen is good with batting and learning to ball. He got knowledge of cricket game rules and love to watch cricket TV.
Jawad Syed







Sohail Syed

Cricket All Rounder